IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT! SCHEDULE DATA CENTER MIGRATION of your web hosting and domain with GeIT Systems!

  • Thursday, 7th January, 2021
  • 06:03am

Dear Valued Clients,

Greetings from GEIT SYSTEMS!

As part of our continuous commitment to provide better services and a better hosting experience to our valued clients, we have created division to focus on providing honest delivering high-quality web hosting services, servers, and a reliable network with immediate customer support in Malaysia.


GeIT Systems and will be carrying out a major data center migration and consolidation exercise from 23 Jan 2021 till 7th February 2021. All these tasks will be done by the engineer at and staff of GeIT Systems.


Where is the migration destination?


We will be moving all our servers from the present data centers at GeIT Systems, KL to GeIT Hosting, Cyberjaya.


Reasons for major server migration & consolidation


1. Improve server troubleshooting time - by consolidating our servers onto a more focused web hosting business, so we could have faster access for any troubleshooting works without much hassle. 


2. 24x7 Access to the data center by our server team for our clients. Before this, we are only allowed to look into issues within office hours only.


3. Higher performance with upgraded RAM and CPU speed, the faster-loading speed with SSD hard drive, better security with free SSL certification, and more reliability with cPanel platform. More space for future growth and support for your businesses - the space on the new floor will allow us to host up to 200 racks. This provides sufficient space to support any expansion of our valued clients’ hosting requirements with immediate availability.


Who will be affected?


All GeIT Systems clients will be affected by this major server migration & consolidation exercise. 


When will this happen?


The migration and consolidation exercise will be carried out in several small batches in order to ensure a smooth migration. We already had the first batch of migration to start in Dec 2020, and the last batch of migration to be completed by the 7th Feb 2021.


Separate announcements will be sent out to keep our valued clients informed with detailed information, such as the actual date and time of migration.


IMPORTANT NOTE: To receive the latest updates from us, please ensure your contact details in our Client Billing System are up to date.


What will happen during the migration?


1. We will transfer your created email address, website files, and database to our new server but your email's content will be at our best effort only.


2. A downtime is to be expected during the migration exercise. Please be assured that we will keep you informed of the migration exercise BEFORE and AFTER the migration.


3. We have scheduled your migration for the 23 Jan 2021 at 1:00AM and expected fully restored by DNS propagation by 25 Jan 2021. Watch this video why it takes so long.


4. There will be MAJOR changes of IP addresses to your hosting accounts/servers upon the completion of the migration. However, these will not affect your website URL or domain name except your email settings will now require an SSL connection. Learn about setting up your client email with SSL here,


What Are The Things You Need To Prepare?


We recommend all clients to run a full data backup of their services with us to the local desktop/laptop/external drive as an extra precaution for this major migration exercise especially their emails.


Once again, we thank you for your wonderful support, understanding, and great patience.


Upon completion of this migration and consolidation exercise, we look forward to providing you with a better service and a better hosting experience with us.


If you have any concerns or questions about this migration exercise, please feel free to contact us at This email address is for questions related to this migration 



Thank you and have a great day!




The Management of GEIT SYSTEMS

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